Job: STEMBANCC Bioethics Researcher in Law at Oxford

28 August 2012

Centre for Health, Law & Emerging Technologies (HeLEX), Department of Public Health, University of Oxford, Old Road Campus, Headington

Grade 7: £29,249 – £35,938 p.a.

We are seeking a full-time Researcher to provide research governance and bioethical support to the STEMBANCC project under the supervision of Dr Jane Kaye at HeLEX. STEMBANCC is a flagship inter-disciplinary research project involving academic and commercial partners and is funded under the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). The objective of the project is to develop a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) bioresource to be used as a platform for drug discovery. This ambitious project brings together internationally renowned scientists and clinicians to study and develop new therapies for 8 major diseases of our time: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Migraine, Pain and Diabetes.

You will work with researchers in STEMBANCC to identify the research governance and ethical issues that emerge as the project progresses, developing policy and practical solutions to resolve them. In addition, you will carry out research into the broader ethical, legal and social issues around stem cell research. You will possess a PhD in science, ethics, policy or law. You will have a proven track record of high quality academic publications and conducting independent academic research in this field. You will have excellent communication skills (both in written and spoken English) and ability to communicate in an accessible and informative manner with a wide range of people from different disciplines as well as with patients and the general public. Along with the ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary team you will also possess excellent analytical, organisational and research skills. In this position you will be expected to be an active and enthusiastic member of HeLEX and the STEMBANCC project.

The post is offered full-time for 3 years. You will be based at the Old Road Campus, Headington, Oxford.

The closing date for applications is 12 noon on Thursday 13 September 2012. Interviews will be held on 25 September or 2 October.


Conference: Human embryo research – law, policy and practice

11 April 2011

8 September 2011, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

An international conference hosted by the Anscombe Bioethics Centre
With speakers from the UK, Europe and the United States:

William Binchy, Regius Professor of Laws at Trinity College, Dublin Law School, Ireland.
Michael Hauskeller, Associate Professor of Sociology and Philosophy, University of Exeter, UK.
Christian Hillgruber, Professor in Public Law, University of Bonn, Germany.
David Albert Jones, Director of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, Oxford, UK.
Laura Palazzani, Professor of Philosophy of Law, Lumsa University of Rome, Italy.
Orlando Carter Snead, Associate Professor of Law, Notre Dame University, USA.

Full Conference Fee: £110
‘Early Bird’ rate: £85 for bookings before 30 June
Reduced rate: £55 for concessions/members of the Centre.
Includes lunch in the College Hall. All welcome.
For further information and to register go here.

Conference: The Europeanisation of healthcare

2 February 2011

Thursday 24 February 2011, 1.15 pm – 6.00 pm

Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

This meeting is organised by the RSM Open Section in association with the European Association of Health Law and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

CPD: 3 credits (applied for)

Register now for this interdisciplinary afternoon meeting exploring current trends and practical realities in co-operative public health, individual healthcare and the medico-legal dimensions to these developments.

Speakers are figures directly involved in this Europeanisation of healthcare, including Dr Joana Namorado (EU), Professor Alberto Costa (Milan), Professor Jean McHale (Birmingham), Professor David Kerr (Oxford), Professor Mark McCarthy (UCL) and Alex Denoon (Lawford Davies).

The programme will examine:

  • Patient mobility; how the NHS interacts with the European dimension and reactions of healthcare consumers and policy makers
  • The need for a ‘common market’ in medical and healthcare research
  • Current regulatory issues and considerations of best practice from the medico-legal perspective


Conference: Bringing Regenerative Medicine to the Clinic

17 January 2011

Trials and Tribulations in Europe and Beyond Regenerative Medicine in Europe (REMEDiE) Closing Conference

April 18-19, 2011, University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain

Deadline for abstracts: Feb 28, 2011
Deadline for registration: March 31, 2011

Papers are invited relating to the following themes:
The bioethics of stem cells
Regulation and governance within the regenerative medicine field
Stem cell banking in national and international contexts
Clinical trialing in regenerative medicine
Corporate investment and the current and future pattern of RM products
Laboratory to clinic – translational medicine in practice

Invited speakers include:
Itziar Alkorta (University of the Basque Country)
Christopher Bravery, UK (tbc)
Michael Whitaker, Stem Cell Institute, UK
Carlos Romeo Casabona (University of the Basque Country) (tbc)
Herbert Gottweis (University of Vienna)
Maria Pascual, (Cellerix, Spain) (tbc)
Bran Salter, (Kings College London)
Anna Veiga (Spanish Stem Cell Bank) (tbc)
Catherine Waldby (University of Sydney)
Andrew Webster (University of York)

The conference will be of interest to academics from social science and bioethical communities, legislators and policy-makers in Europe, members of the European Commission especially DG Sanco, bioscientists and clinicians in the field, , civil society organisations, international patient associations, and corporate decision-makers. As we are meeting in Bilbao, we hope especially to welcome social scientists and bioscientists/clinicians from Spain who are working in this area. Postgraduate researchers are especially welcome.

There is no registration fee.
To register for the conference please use the online facility here.

To offer a paper, please send your abstract (250 words max) to Professor Andrew Webster, University of York by email at:

Radio: Discovery on stem cells

8 June 2009

“In Discovery on the BBC [World Service] for the next three weeks, Sue Broom examines the remarkable world of stem cells. Some of these special cells, found in the early embryo, make up all the cells in our developing bodies. Others, the adult stem cells, are found in our bone marrow, skin, liver and some other organs and these play more specialised roles in regenerating these tissues throughout our lives. As our understanding of the behaviour of these remarkable cells increases, the potential use for therapies for a whole host of diseases and disorders grow. In the future, it is hoped that diseases such as heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, sickle cell anaemia and type one diabetes as well as injuries like spinal cord damage, could be treated using stem cells.

In the first of a series of three programmes on stem cells, Sue looks back over the research, discoveries and breakthroughs that have brought us to a new chapter in our understanding about how these cells can be used in our bodies and in the laboratory to cure diseases.” Programme 1 is available to listen now.

Programme 2, on adult induced pluripotent stem cells, will be available to listen from Wednesday 10th June. Programme 3 will be available from Wednesday 17th June. (I’ll add the link when it’s posted on the BBC website.)

News: stem cell development

2 March 2009

You can listen to the item on pluripotent adult stem cell research from this morning’s Today programme until 9th March.