Meeting: Medicine, Markets and Morals

11-12 February 2016, Glasgow

Medicine, markets and morals (MMM) is a multi-disciplinary research network on health and social care prioritisation and funding, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), led by Dr Lucy Frith (Liverpool) and Professor Cam Donaldson (Glasgow Caledonian University).

The debate over health care funding in England is changing and the founding principles of the NHS (a free at the point of delivery, universal health service for all provided out of taxation) are being questioned. Health care funding is an issue that crosses disciplinary boundaries and this network will bring together philosophy, ethics and health care economics to explore this area.

The network will explore two main areas:

Theoretical debates over resource allocation and priority setting in health and social care. With the increasing globalisation of health care these issues cut across national boundaries and this network will locate these debates in a wider global context.

How the commissioning of services should be carried out in this new health care landscape ethically (fairly and equitably) within the given financial and policy constraints.

We plan to have a session of three short presentations from early career researchers at the Glasgow meeting. If you would like to give a short paper (15 minutes) on a related topic please send a short abstract (300 words) to Lucy Frith by 4 January 2016. Those presenting will be given a bursary to support attendance at the meeting.

A further MMM network meeting will be held in London on 26th May, 2016.

For more information go here.


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