Blog: Nuffield Council on cosmetic procedures

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics is currently investigating cosmetic procedures, and as a part of this work two posts have recently been published on their blog.

One concerns the globalisation of beauty and debunks “the myth that the rising interest in surgical ‘fixes’ is a trend emerging only in the wealthy western world. In exploring the very different ways in which the demands of beauty play out in diverse societies around the world, some common and thought-provoking themes emerged.” Read on here …

The other post explores the implications of ‘the quantified self’: “how self-tracking and self-monitoring materialise in digital technologies, and change the way we may relate to ourselves. The application of self-tracking and monitoring is clearly very relevant to health contexts: for example, smartphones are optimised to record how far we walkhow many calories we consume, or how well we sleep. However, over the past few years beauty apps available to mobile and tablet users have also suffused the market.” Read the full post here …


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