Lecture series: Rethinking children’s rights

THE HAMLYN LECTURES 2015 will be given by

PROFESSOR MICHAEL FREEMAN, University College London

A “MAGNA CARTA” FOR CHILDREN? – Rethinking Children’s Rights


Lecture 1 – Are Children Human?
Date and Time: Wednesday 11 November, 18.00 
Venue: University of Leeds, School of Law, Moot Court Room, Liberty Building
Registration:  www.hamlynleeds2015.eventbrite.co.uk

Lecture 2 –  Even Lawyers were Children once
Date and Time: Wednesday 18th November, 18.00
Venue: University of Nottingham, Law & Social Sciences Building, B63
Registration: www.hamlynlecture.eventbrite.co.uk 

Lecture 3 – A “Magna Carta” for Children?
Date and Time: Wednesday 25th November, 18.00
Venue: University College London, Cruciform Lecture Theatre
Registration: http://www.laws.ucl.ac.uk/event/hamlyn-lecture-2015


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