Online: Philosophers on the cost of pharmaceuticals

Philosophers have contributed to a group post on the Daily Nous prompted by the sudden steep hikes in the price of some pharmaceuticals in the US.

  • Nicole Hassoun (Binghamton University) – New Incentive Structures for Pharmaceutical Companies Can Save Lives
  • Samia Hurst (University of Geneva) – What Justifies Pharmaceutical Profit-Making?
  • Chris MacDonald (Ryerson University) – We Lack a Clear Theory of Just Pricing
  • Jeremy Snyder (Simon Fraser University) – Why It’s Price Gouging, and why It’s Wrong
  • Marcel Verweij (Wageningen University) – Let Shkreli Pay the Price for his “Altruism”
  • Danielle Wenner (Carnegie Mellon University) – Fairness Demands More than the Absence of Coercion
  • Matt Zwolinski (University of San Diego) – OK, So Maybe Not All Price Gouging is Morally Permissible

Go here to read on: Philosophers On Drug Prices.


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