Seminar series: Towards a European understanding of advance decision-making: a comparative, interdisciplinary approach

14th September 2015, University of Leeds

This research seminar series considers a range of European legislative responses to anticipatory decision-making, seeking to explore those responses within the practical contexts within which advance decision-making occurs. It links legal discourse with policy and practice discourses, and considers how a shared understanding of the purpose and potential for anticipatory decision-making may facilitate the drafting of advance decisions that both reflect the author’s intentions and are likely to be capable of implementation by healthcare professionals at a later date. It is generously funded by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC).

The second seminar in the series will take place on 14th September 2015, focussing upon the regulation of advance decisions and professional responses thereto, together with a consideration of the impact of physician attitudes upon the implementation of advance decisions.  The following papers will be presented:

Prof. Marion Albers (Universität Hamburg) “Advance Directives in Germany: Legal Regulation and Decision-Making Processes”

Louise Bramley (University of Nottingham, nurse & PhD student) “Negotiating care services with frailty: Implications for decision making and advance care planning”

Sharon Burton (Head of Policy, for Standards and Ethics, General Medical Council) “Creating a supportive culture through professional regulation: a view from the UK”
The seminar will conclude with a round table discussion of a vignette: the brain-dead pregnant woman and the advance directive.

For further information please see the series website here.


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