Workshop: Shame, Stigma & Medicine

16th October 2015, Trinity College Dublin.

The Shame, Stigma and Medicine Workshop brings together speakers from diverse disciplines including medicine, philosophy, sociology and law. The purpose of the event is to examine the role of shame in the arenas of health, disease and medical practice, through addressing themes such as: the use of stigma in public health policy, shame in professional enculturation, the shame and stigma of illness, body shame, shame and infectious disease and shame as spectacle on medical reality television programming.

It is a one-day workshop open to all. It is supported by funding from a Wellcome Trust Small Grant Award. CPD for clinicians has been applied for.

All are welcome. There is no registration fee, but as space is limited we ask that you register to confirm your attendance. Organized by: Barry Lyons (Trinity College Dublin) and Luna Dolezal (Durham University / Trinity College Dublin)

For registration and more information go here.


Neill Lecture Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin.

9.30-9.50      Registration

9.50-10.00    Introduction – Barry Lyons & Luna Dolezal

10.00-11.30 Session 1

Brendan Kelly (University College Dublin)  –

‘One Flew East, One Flew West’: Stigma, Shame and Psychiatry

Katherine Browne (Trinity College Dublin)  –

Plastic Surgery and Shame

Danielle Griffiths & Alex Mullock (University of Manchester) –

The Surgical Other: Using Shame to Legitimise Cosmetic Surgery

12.00-13.00  Session 2

Paul Snelling (University of Worcester)  –

Shame as a Public Health Intervention

Rebecca Brown (University of Aberdeen) –

Equating ‘Healthy’ and ‘Unhealthy’ Behaviour with ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Behaviour: Moralising and Public Health Promotion

14.00-15.30  Session 3

Janice McLaughlin (Newcastle University) –

The Medical Reshaping of Disabled Bodies as a Response to Stigma and a Route to Normality

Matthew Phillips (Tameside & Glossop Centre for Sexual Health) –

‘The Concealed Blossom’: Sexual Health, Shame and Stigma

Sheelagh McGuinness (University of Bristol) –

The Experience of Women in Northern Ireland Travelling to England to Access Abortion Care

16.00-17.00  Session 4

Luna Dolezal (Durham University / Trinity College Dublin) –

Embarrassing Bodies: Shame in the Clinical Encounter

Barry Lyons (Trinity College Dublin) –

Blame, Shame and Accountability


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