Workshop: Should we recognise a duty to take part in biomedical research?

Wednesday 9 September 10.00-16.30, University of Leeds.

The event will be of interest to those involved in biomedical research and to bioethicists, and will be an exciting programme of talks and discussion led by four keynote speakers. It will explore two questions: first, should we recognise a duty to be a research participant (as some bioethicists have recently argued) and, second, would recognition of such a duty be beneficial in terms of increasing participation in biomedical research?

To date, there has been little engagement by bioethicists with biomedical researchers to explore whether those engaged in biomedical research accept the arguments regarding the duty to be a research participant and whether they believe that such a duty would help or hinder their work. By bringing representatives of these two disciplines together, we can start to address this neglected but important issue.

There will be four keynote speakers:

Prof Alastair Hay, Prof of Environmental Toxicology, University of Leeds

Dr Rachel Holt, Clinician and Researcher into dementia, Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield

Ms Georgia Testa, Bioethicist, University of Leeds

Dr Ian Brassington, Bioethicist, University of Manchester

There will also be discussion sessions so that attendees can explore how the considerations apply to their own research.

Attendance is free and lunch will be provided. Anyone wishing to attend must book a place as places are limited.

To register or acquire further information please contact: Alice Temple A.C.Temple[at] or Georgia Testa G.Testa[at]


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