Workshop: Death and immortality

On Friday 24 July 2015 there will be a workshop in St Andrews on death and immortality in ancient philosophy and early Christianity. All are welcome.

Phillip Horky (Durham) ‘Pythagorean Immortality of the Soul?’
Simon Trépanier (Edinburgh) ‘Empedocles: Our Life in Hades and Soul as Long-lived Body-Part’
Elizabeth Pender (Leeds) ‘Plato’s Afterlife in Sound and Vision’
Catherine Rowett (UEA) ‘Reflections on pre-existence, life after death, and atemporal beings, in Plato’s arguments for immortality in the Phaedo’
James Warren (Cambridge) ‘Socrates and the symmetry argument: the Axiochus’
George Boys-Stones (Durham) ‘Fragments of world-soul and icons of god: The role of immortal souls in Platonist physics’
Emma Gee (St Andrews) ‘Castles in the Air: Plutarch De facie in orbe lunae’
N T Wright (St Andrews) ‘Resurrection: Jewish context, Christian claims, pagan challenges’

More information is available here. If you intend to attend, please email or please direct all other inquiries to Alex Long (


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