Conference: Bioethics and the Philosophy of Medicine

July 30 – August 1, 2015, University of Buffalo, United States.

The conference is centered on four presentations by Christopher Boorse and Jerome Wakefield, in which each criticizes the other’s work. The event is free and open to the public, but attendees are requested to email David Hershenov at The schedule is as follows.

Thursday, July 30

Conceptual Analysis of a Person with Baker’s Constitution Account (Yuichi Minemura); Detecting Organisms: Being and Act (Adam Pasternack); When Can We Know You’re Dead? (Catherine Nolan); Against the Biological Account of Special Relationships (Jake Monaghan); A Species-less Account of Non-Comparative Biological Harm (David Limbaugh); Laing and Sartre on Mental Illness (Jelena Krgovic).

Friday, July 31

Healthy Development, Rearing Relationships, and Moral Status (Rose Hershenov); Are Pedophilia and Homosexuality Diseases? (Steven Kershnar); The Harm in Harmful Disfunction (Neil Feit)

Keynotes: Critique of Wakefield’s HDA (Christopher Boorse); Critique of Boorse’s BST (Jerome Wakefield)

Saturday, August 1

Generic Health (David Hershenov); Hybrid Accounts of Well Being and How Life Could go Badly (James Delaney); The Emotion Ontology (Barry Smith)

Keynotes: Grief and Pathology (Jerome Wakefield); Grief and Pathology (Christopher Boorse)

For more information, email David Hershenov: or follow this link.


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