Course: The history and philosophy of evidence-based health care

15 – 19 June 2015, University of Oxford

This course will trace the historical development of evidence-based health care. Students will engage with researchers who have played key roles in defining the History, Philosophy and actual practice of Evidence-Based Healthcare. Many famous medical doctors, including Galen, Descartes and Locke, were also philosophers, and recent evidence suggests that studying humanities improves clinical skills. Medical professionals will learn to think critically about the assumptions of their profession while philosophers and historians will learn about the empirical foundations of the science they contemplate.

Lecturers on the course include:

Dr. Jeremy Howick (University of Oxford)

Professor Alexander Bird (University of Bristol)

Professor Mike Clarke (Queen’s University Belfast)

Professor Brian Hurwitz (King’s College London)

Ms Sarah Wieten (University of Durham)

One Scholarship is available and applications for the scholarship close April 17 2015. For further information about the course and the scholarship or to register go here.


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