Workshop: Military Medical Ethics – Ethics in Epidemics

7th – 9th May 2015, Forum Lilienberg in Ermatingen, Switzerland.
ICMM Reference Centre for Education on IHL and Ethics, and Medical Services Directorate of the Swiss Armed Forces and the Center for Ethics of Zurich University.

The main topic for the 2015 workshop will be Ethics in Epidemics, with a special focus on the involvement of military actors. We invite papers on topics addressing general ethical questions faced during epidemics such as Ebola, as well as from the list of topics below.

  • The duty to treat
  • Ethical aspects of the use of experimental treatment and research during epidemics
  • Ethical justifications for infection management and containment measures such as forced treatment, and quarantine
  • Presentation of recent case reports or case studies
  • The involvement of military actors
  • Principles associated with the allocation of scarce or limited resources
Any other topics of relevance or more general topics on military medical ethics are also welcome as there may be an open session on one day.

Please send your paper proposals/abstracts together with a short bibliography via email to no later than 11th January 2015.

Further information here.

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