PhD funding: Gendered perspectives on death, illness and loss

Oxford Brookes University, Department of History, Philosophy and Religion

Deadline for applications: November 24th, 2014

Applications are invited for a funded PhD studentship under the umbrella of ‘Gendered Perspectives on Death, Illness and Loss’. The supervisory team will be led by Professor Beverley Clack, (Philosophy of Religion), with Dr. Molly Cochran (International Relations) and Dr. Victoria Browne (Politics). The team supporting this research project possesses expertise in a number of disciplines, notably philosophy, politics and international relations that will allow for a rich conceptual exploration of how gender intersects with death, illness and loss within the interdisciplinary frame of the medical humanities.

We welcome proposals from applicants specializing in a range of fields, though we are particularly interested in students taking a philosophical and/or political approach.

Possible themes include: Terminal illness and ‘living with dying’; Death, loss and mourning in war; Reproductive loss / prenatal death; Disenfranchised grief; Euthanasia and control over life and death.

Possible theoretical approaches include: Feminist / queer philosophy and theory (e.g. Cavarero, Ahmed, Edelman) ; Biopolitics (e.g. Agamben, Foucault, Butler); Existential philosophy (e.g. Beauvoir, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard); Psychoanalytic theory (e.g. Freud, Irigaray, Kristeva).

Further details here.


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