Conference: Conceptualizing Disability as a Public Health Issue: Impairment, Enhancement and Emerging Biotechnologies

26 – 28th January, 2015, Brocher Foundation, Switzerland

Attendance is free but registration is essential as places are limited. Please email Luna Dolezal ( or Barry Lyons ( by the 15th December, 2014 if you would like to attend. Website here.

Provisional programme:

Political understandings of disability, health, and harm: Coming to terms with the truth about public health ethics

John Coggon (University of Southampton)

Disability and anti-abortion lobbying: Clash of principles

Sheelagh McGuinness (University of Birmingham)

Lives not worth living or not worth saving? Politics, policy and disability

Barry Lyons (Trinity College Dublin)

Treating disabled animals: consent, embodiment and best interests

Marie Fox  (University of Birmingham)

Values, technology and policy

Jackie Leach Scully (Newcastle University)

Posthuman, all too humanist: Disability and ethics

Jonathan Mitchell (University College Dublin)

Enhancement and disablism in public health policy

Andreas Dinopolous (Brunel University)

Embodiment, disability and enhancement: Implications for public health interventions and resource allocation

Sarah Chan (University of Manchester)

Hollywood’s biocapital conflicts: Disability, enhancement and dependency in recent film

Stuart Murray (University of Leeds)

Representing posthuman embodiment: Considering disability and the case of Aimee Mullins     

Luna Dolezal   (Durham University / Trinity College Dublin)                                           

Public health enhancement: Identifying a threshold of acceptability

Alex McKeown (University of Bristol)

An exploration of the line between restoration and enhancement and of their social-psychological consequences

Bertolt Meyer (TU Chemnitz)

In the Search for Replaceable HeartsHow do Everyday Cyborgs Feel?

Gill Haddow (University of Edinburgh)

Bionic Bodies: What Challenges for Disability?

Denisa Butnaru (Universities of Freiborg / Strasbourg)


Denis Roche (Trinity College Dublin)


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