Event: Being human

Wednesday 19th November 2014, 18.00-21.00, Palmer Building, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading, RG6 6UR

As part of ‘Being Human’, the UK’s first national festival of the humanities, the University of Reading is hosting a public event discussing moral and ethical issues surrounding personhood and disability.

‘The ethical dimension of personhood’ 18.00-19.00. Two short presentations on the topic by Professor Brad Hooker (Philosophy) and Professor Patrick Tomlin (Politics), followed by open discussion. Staff from Reading Ethics and Political Philosophy Centre (REAPP) and the Centre for Cognition Research (CCR) will be available for informal discussion in the Dol.Che Vita café (which is also in the Palmer Building), 19.00-19.45.

‘Planet of the Apes: What Makes us Human?’ 20.00-21.00. In this lecture, Professor Emma Borg will discuss the philosophical conundrum, ‘what makes us human?’ Chimpanzees are our closest living evolutionary relatives, sharing some 94% of our DNA. They have many qualities that can be described as human: they are social creatures, communicate with each other and are capable of complex thought, but if they and the other great apes are so similar to human beings, can we and should we think of them as people?

For further information here or contact Professor Emma Borg: e.g.n.borg@reading.ac.uk

Attendance is free, however booking is advisable. To reserve a place email: publiclectures@reading.ac.uk


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