Postdoctoral Internship: Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Research Group

Deadline 6 February 2013

Salary: £23,339 per annum

The York-Cardiff Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Research Groups are multi-disciplinary research groups bringing together sociologists, communications scholars, historians, philosophers, lawyers and other academics and practitioners from across a range of different areas of expertise to explore issues related to the vegetative and minimally conscious states.  Details about our current research projects can be found on our web pages: for the York group click here and for the Cardiff group click here.  A core part of our research is collaborative work on a data set of nearly 50 interviews with family members of people with disorders of consciousness (and we are also currently collecting a data set of interviews with professionals in the field).

We are looking for an intern with a PhD (or equivalent) to join the York research group for one year starting as soon as possible. This is a ‘discipline-hopping’ internship funded by the university’s “Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders” with money from the Wellcome Trust.  This innovative scheme is aimed at preparing future research leaders. It offers the best and most imaginative early-career researchers, studying chronic illnesses and conditions, the opportunity to step out of their original discipline and spend up to a year developing complementary skills and knowledge in a different academic area. The intern for the Chronic Disorders of Consciousness research group will come from a health sciences (or similar) background. We especially encourage applicants with experience in clinical practice or social care.  The intern will have the opportunity to work in Sociology, Philosophy and Law and to extend their existing health-related expertise to interdisciplinary collaborative research questions relating to the vegetative and minimally conscious states..

If you are interested in applying please read the formal university advertisement (click here) – which covers a range of different internships in addition to the Chronic Disorders of Consciousness one.  You can download a full job description from the university webpage.  You are strongly encouraged to contact Professor Celia Kitzinger, Director of the York Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Group (celia.kitzinger [at] to discuss your application in advance.

Formal interviews are on 7th March 2013.

For further information and to apply on-line, please visit our website:


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