King’s College London Summer School: Medical Controversy, Ethics, and the Law

This year, King’s College London will offer a Summer School module on ‘Medical Controversy, Ethics, and the Law’.

The module will provide understanding of the law relating to medical procedures and scientific progress that have a controversial moral dimension, such as consent and refusal of treatment, end of life decisions, abortion, assisted reproduction, human enhancement and organ transplantation. It will introduce central moral principles and theories, such as utilitarianism, rights and duties, autonomy and paternalism. It offers an unparalleled introduction to legal and ethical reasoning through the study of controversial case studies. Students will be introduced to some of the most controversial and exciting topics in English Medical Law and Medical Ethics – and the often tense interaction between the two

This introductory course will be taught by Lisa Forsberg and Isra Black from the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics. It is likely to be of interest to any student looking to further an interest in legal and ethical issues relevant to medicine. The course dates are 23 July – 9 August, a the Strand or Waterloo campus. More information about the course can be found here.


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