Radio: organ donation and confidentiality

Inside the Ethics Committee, BBC Radio 4, Thursday 21 July 2011, 09.00-09.45 or 21.00-21.45, available after first broadcast via the iPlayer

From the programme’s page:

What happens when a proposed medical treatment clashes head on with a patient’s cultural values?

Moha has kidney failure. He’s on dialysis to replace his lost kidney function, and on the waiting list for a transplant. But his chances of receiving a kidney from a deceased donor are slim.

The donor pool is primarily Caucasian, and given that Moha is African and has a rare blood type, it’s unlikely a tissue matched kidney will come up.

His nephew back in his country of origin offers to donate one of his kidneys. But Moha has a secret that only he and his medical team know about.

As his nephew has offered to donate a kidney, the team feel that he has a right to know. Should Moha be forced to tell?


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