Conference: Issues on Rationing in Health Care

September 19th-20th 2011

London School of Economics

Draft Programme

Monday September 19th

9.30am. Keynote 1

“Rationing health care : what have we learnt from 35 years of inquiry and debate?”
Speaker: Rudolf Klein (LSE)
Chair: Adam Oliver (LSE)

10.30am. Tea/Coffee


“Can the NICE ‘end of life’ premium be given an ethical as opposed to a political justification?”
Speaker: Richard Cookson (York)
Discussant: John Appleby (King’s Fund)
Chair: Barry McCormick (Oxford)


“Valuing health and the end of life: an empirical study of popular preferences.”
Speaker: Koonal Shah (OHE)
Discussant: Kalipso Chalkidou (NICE)
Chair: Alec Morton (LSE)

1pm. Lunch


“Trading health for life, and life for health.”
Speaker: Jonathan Wolff (UCL)
Discussant: Benedict Rumbold (Nuffield Trust)
Chair: Mike Kelly (NICE)


“On the evaluation of expectedly beneficial treatments that will disadvantage the worst off.”
Speaker: Alex Voorhoeve (LSE)
Discussant: Shepley Orr (UCL)
Chair: Emmi Poteliakhoff (King’s Fund)

4pm. Tea/Coffee


“When is a life a life, and when is it merely a set of QALYs?”
Speaker: Donald Franklin (Department of Health)
Discussant: Richard Cookson (York)
Chair: Nancy Devlin (OHE)

5.30pm. Keynote 2

“Twenty years of using economic evaluations for reimbursement decisions: what have we achieved?”
Speaker: Michael Drummond (York)
Chair: tbc

6.30pm. Reception

7.30pm. Dinner for speakers

Tuesday September 20th

10am. Keynote 3


11.00am. Tea/Coffee


“Never more than a step from paradise: Canadian provinces and the public funding of health care services.”
Speaker: Pierre-Gerlier Forest (Trudeau Foundation)
Discussant: Larry Brown (Columbia)
Chair: Richard Scheffler (Berkeley)

12.30pm. Lunch


“If cost/QALY is the answer, what is the question?”
Speaker: Gwyn Bevan (LSE)
Discussant: Michael Gusmano (Hastings Center)
Chair: Miriam Laugesen (Columbia)


“Structuring priority setting and engaging in a dialogue to spend less.”
Speaker: Mara Airoldi (LSE)
Discussant: Michael Sparer (Columbia)
Chair: David McDaid (LSE)

3.30pm. Tea/Coffee


“A normative versus descriptive perspective on discounting health outcomes.”
Speaker: Adam Oliver (LSE)
Discussant: Mark Schlesinger (Yale)
Chair: Christopher Exeter (Design Council)


“How do we factor in the environmental costs of delivering health care?”
Speaker: David Pencheon (NHS)
Discussant: Colleen Barry (Johns Hopkins)
Chair: Fred Hyde (Columbia)

6pm. Close

For further details, contact Adam Oliver: a.j.oliver [at]


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