Conference: Privilege or Punishment: Doctors in the 21st Century

11th and 12th April 2011
The University of Manchester – Chancellors Conference Centre

Day 1 – Bioethics and Crime

10.00 Registration and Coffee
10.15 Welcome and Introduction
10.30 Bioethical Controversy and the Criminal Law: Is Compromise Ethical? Dr Rebecca Bennett, Dr Suzanne Ost, Ms Alex Mullock
11.30 Scientists in the Dock: The Chilling Effect of the Law? Panel led by Professor Raymond Tallis.
Panellists include: Professor Brian Lieberman, Professor Graeme Laurie and Professor Jean McHale
12 .30 Lunch
13.30 Illegal Reproduction: Criminal Sanctions and the Regulation of Assisted Conception. Professor Emily Jackson
14.30 Moral Controversy and the Common Law. Judge Baroness Hale of Richmond
15.30 Tea and Coffee
16.00 Workshops
1. Understanding the Criminal Law and Medical Education – Presenters: Medical Students;
Chair: Professor Catherine Peckham
2. Bioethics and the Criminal Process: Uneasy Bedfellows – Presenters: Ms Alex Mullock and Dr
Rebecca Bennett; Chair: Professor Mike Parker
3. Having a Child (or Not): Committing a Crime? – Presenters: Dr Amel Alghrani; Chair: Dr Susan Bewley
17.30 Plenary session
18.00 Close of day and dinner

Day 2 – Doctors in the Dock

9.15 The Road to the Dock. Dr Danielle Griffiths, Professor Andrew Sanders; Respondent Professor Alan Merry
11.00 Coffee
11 .30 Comparative Perspectives – The Functions of the Criminal Process and Health Care. Dr Amel Alghrani, Dr Anne Maree Farrell, Ms Melinee Kazarian
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Prosecution Policy-Making: The Case of Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing in England and Wales.
Professor Andrew Sanders
14.45 Corporate Responsibility for Medical Error. Professor Brian Toft, Professor Celia Wells
15.30 Final address: The Impact of the Criminal Process on Health Care Ethics and Practice. Professor Margot Brazier
16.15 Tea and close of conference

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