Film: You Don’t Know Jack

Sunday 06 February
9:00pm – 11:40pm
Sky Atlantic

From the Radio Times review: “Dr Death is the name the media tagged to Jack Kevorkian, the retired pathologist who assisted in the suicides of more than 130 terminally ill people during the 1990s. This classy HBO biopic details his almost messianic battle with the authorities in Michigan to establish euthanasia as a civil right. In the hands of director Barry Levinson (Diner, Rain Man, Wag the Dog), the issue-heavy script gains a cinematic sheen and fl ashes of black humour. For star Al Pacino, in a rare TV role, it provides plenty of meat, and bagged him both an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He’s ably supported by John Goodman, Susan Sarandon (always up for a part with liberal ideals) and Brenda Vaccaro as Jack’s sister (whose peculiar wigs lend a touch of Dick Emery). None of their characters engenders much sympathy – unlike Jack’s waiting list of patients. Mostly captured on grainy home video, their testimony and dying moments feel incredibly authentic and are sometimes hard to watch.”


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