Conference/workshop: The role of ethicists in a multi-professional context

Bristol, 14th and 15th January 2011

Registration for the third and final part of the AHRC funded conference series “The Role of Moral Theory in Health Care Ethics” has officially opened. There is no charge for registration, but there are a limited number of places, which will be allotted on a first-come first-serve basis. You find further information on the project’s website as well as a copy of the registration form.

This workshop will focus on different contexts of ethical investigation, which might call on expertise in moral theory. The demand for ethical expertise might vary in degree as well as in form. For instance, task forces, driven by political and legal requirements of regulation, might only demand some knowledge about the ethical problems of the practices dealt with, not necessarily knowledge of how to possibly solve these. Similarly, in some contexts it might be enough, to simply describe the differences between various ethical stances and leave it to the democratic sovereign to decide.

Another topic of this workshop is the role of ethicists within different contexts. For instance, experts may help to understand the moral values that are guiding decision-making in a multi-professional context and to find shared horizons that could unify the moral views of practitioners and other stakeholders. It should also be noted that at least in some organisations policies with moral implications have to be set by someone. These decision makers may not be philosopher kings but they will have similar power. Hence it is important to critically reflect on their role.

The workshop will be informed by findings of the first two events. It will bring together scholars and ethicists who have served on ethics committees or other institutions which involve discussion about ethical issues. The meeting will aim at a clearer understanding of the need for moral theory in several multi-professional contexts. In will also, if only indirectly, shed light on what moral theory can actually achieve and possibly contribute to solving moral problems.

If you with to attend please complete the registration form here. Delegates will be able to register from 10:30 am on 14th January 2011, with formal introductions beginning at 11am. The conference will close at 12pm on Saturday 15th January, with lunch available afterwards.

Confirmed Speakers:

Ruth Chadwick
Donna Dickenson
Laurens Landeweerd
Mike McNamee
John Saunders
George Thomas

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