Conference: Making Perfect Life. Bio-engineering in the 21st century

Wednesday 10 November 2010, 1-6 pm

European Parliament, Brussels, room PHS 1A002

Living bacteria with artificial DNA, supercomputers designed to function like a real human brain or robots showing human-like emotions. Biology is increasingly engineered in much the same way as technology, while technology is becoming more and more life-like. These two engineering trends intensify current debates about the desirability and acceptability of genetic engineering and human enhancement. They also raise novel issues, like who’s in control of machines with a life of their own?

The social and political consequences of these two bio-engineering trends are discussed at the conference Making Perfect Life on November 10th 2010 in the European Parliament in Brussels. Speakers at this international and interdisciplinary conference include, stem cell scientist Stephen Minger, neurosurgeon Veerle Visser-VandeWalle, AI expert Brigitte Krenn, philosophers Mark Bedau, Roger Strand and Jutta Weber, sociologist Andrew Webster and many others.

Visit here for the final programme and registration. Registration must be before November 2nd. The entry is free of charge.

The conference is organised by the Dutch Rathenau Institute in cooperation with the STOA bureau at the European Parliament, two organisations devoted to political and public debate on science and society.


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