Seminar: Age Equality in Health and Social Care – Age Discrimination and the Equality Act 2010

Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King’s College London
October 8th, 13.45 – 16.30

‘The New Politics of Ageing’ seminar series, co-hosted by the Centre for Policy on Ageing and the Social Care Workforce Research Unit, will bring together people from a range of disciplines and sectors to discuss research, policy and practice to empower and support an ageing population.

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone aged 18 or over because of age when providing services or carrying out public functions. It will not affect products or services for older people where age-based treatment is justified or beneficial. The new law is to be implemented in phases, with legislation in force in financial services and all other services, except for health and social care, in 2012. This seminar will discuss age discrimination in health and social care services; current developments around implementing the prohibition on age discrimination in services and public functions; and the advantages and disadvantages of creating exceptions within the legislation for specific uses of age and by whom, for example, providing specialist mental health services for older people.

The seminar takes place at the Centre for Policy on Ageing, 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QP

Reservations Email
Telephone enquiries Angela Clark 020 7553 6500
Fee £20.00, concessions £10.00 students/unwaged (limited number of concessionary places available)

Further information about this event is available here.

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