Call for papers: Genetics and Justice

This is a call for papers for a Panel(s) on ‘Genetics and Justice’ for the forthcoming Political Studies Association Conference in London. The conference takes place from the 19-21st April 2011 and the conference theme is ‘Transforming Politics: New Synergies’, including the notion of developing new and revisiting old theory.

Panel Organiser/Chair: Dr. Oliver Feeney, National University of Ireland, Galway

Panel Abstract: This PSA Panel seeks to explore how current and speculative advances in new genetic technologies affect our understanding of social justice. This exploration focuses both on how contemporary theories of social justice can be applied to the ‘post-genetic’ world and also how such attempts to apply these theories may highlight certain strengths and weaknesses within social justice in the first place. Overall, the Panel seeks to answer a narrow question (What access to new genetic technologies would be just?) and a wide question (What does the first answer tell us about justice?). The answer to the wide question will have implications far beyond genetic technology. Papers in any area of the social justice implications of new genetic technologies are very welcome as well as papers that discuss the closely related questions on the treatment versus enhancement distinction, permissible versus morally obligatory interventions, designer disability and respect for parental autonomy versus the rights of the child for an ‘open future’ and so on.

If you are interested, please send an email to Oliver Feeney, including a paper title with abstract of not more than 200 words. Submissions must be received by Wednesday 22nd Sept to be considered for the overall 24th Sept deadline for panel proposals.

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