Post-doctoral fellowships: University of Technology Sydney

Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

University of Technology Sydney is offering Fellowships to commence in 2011 under the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowships Scheme.

The Fellowships are extremely prestigious and highly competitive. Applicants must have an outstanding track record relative to opportunity in order to be short-listed.

The Fellowships aim to generate research outcomes that will benefit society, strengthen the research profile of UTS and its areas of research strength and excellence, and equip Fellows for research careers.

In 2011, the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme will award Fellowships with the aim of building research capacity in areas of strategic importance to UTS. The number of Fellowships awarded will be dependent on the quality of the candidates and the funding available.

Applicants will have been awarded a research doctoral degree (equivalent to an Australian PhD degree) within 5 years of the closing date. Research doctoral degree candidates whose thesis is under examination at the closing date, and research doctoral degree candidates who will submit their PhD thesis by end of 2010 may also apply. International applications are welcome.

Fellowships are available for a three-year period. A four-year research and teaching option is also available under certain conditions.

Applications close on 26 August 2010.

Isabel Karpin ( would be happy to field enquiries from candidates in the field of Health Law.

General enquiries about the scheme should be addressed to:
Helen Thomson
Manager, Research Development
Research and Innovation Office
University of Technology, Sydney
T: 61 2 9514 9616
F: 61 2 9514 1244


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