Call for Papers: The Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

The past few years have seen a resurgence of interest in the philosophy of medicine and health care.  Controversies about evidence, value, clinical knowledge, judgment, integrity and ethics have required practitioners and policy-makers confront the epistemic and moral basis of practice, while philosophers have found in these debates ways to invigorate and reframe the investigation of long-standing philosophical problems, about the nature of reasoning, science, knowledge and practice, and the relationships between epistemology and ethics, morals and politics.

The Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice is an international journal that focuses on the evaluation and development of clinical practice in medicine, nursing and the allied health professions.  It has a large and diverse readership including practitioners and academics from a vast range of areas, and a tradition of publishing papers raising epistemological, metaphysical and ethical issues underlying clinical policy and practice.  April 2010 saw the publication of the first thematic issue of the journal devoted entirely to philosophical issues.  We are seeking contributions to a second issue dedicated to philosophical issues in medicine, scheduled for publication in autumn 2011.  Papers are particularly welcome on the following themes:

1) the role of virtue in clinical practice (possible topics including: is health care a business or a profession?; virtue theory and an account of moral motivation in health care; virtue and financial incentives for performance; virtue-based practice: an option to improve pay for performance?; virtue theory and evidence based medicine; virtue theory and person-centred medicine; the virtuous practitioner, patient and health care relationship); and

2) the nature of progress in medicine (e.g. is medicine progressing?; what measures would we use to assess progress?; is progress always good?; how does research contribute to progress in medicine?).

However, we also welcome papers that do not fit neatly into one of these themes, but represent excellent examples of the application of philosophy to questions of substantive import in medicine and healthcare.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 1st March 2011.  Original papers are usually no more than 5000 words in length, and detailed author guidelines are available here. Those interested in submitting a paper are also encouraged to contact Michael Loughlin at .


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