Conference: Health, wellness and society

University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA
20th – 22nd January 2011

This conference will address contemporary challenges of health and wellness from interdisciplinary perspectives. Areas of concern include preventative medicine, public health, proactive wellness and the relationships of social and personal wellbeing to health. Disciplinary
perspectives include public health, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, nutrition, physical and health education, psychology, social work, sociology and communications.

In contrast to conferences with a specialist disciplinary focus, this conference aims to explore the linkages required for a holistic and effective understanding of social and personal dynamics of wellness and health. We welcome presentation proposals which range from broad explorations of philosophical, theoretical, methodological and policy questions, to proposals which present finely grained evidence of the connections of health, wellness and a robust society. Participants at the conference will include researchers, teachers, administrators, policy makers and practitioners whose interests range across public health, health sciences, physical education and the social sciences. The International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society is planned to be held annually at different locations around the globe.

We invite you to respond to the Conference Call-for-Papers. Presenters’ written papers can be submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed, International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society. Full details of the conference, including an online proposal submission form can be found at the conference website here.

The first deadline in the call for papers (a title and short abstract) is 28 June 2010. Future deadlines will be announced on the conference website, after this date. Papers and proposals will be reviewed within two weeks of submission. If you are unable to attend the conference in person, virtual registrations are also available, which allow you to submit a paper for possible publication in the Journal.

We also invite you to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter, and to our Facebook, RSS or Twitter feeds here.


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