Conference: Valuing lives – Ethics in Health and the environment


The NYU Center for Bioethics in conjunction with the NYU Environmental Studies Program will be hosting ‘Valuing Lives: A Conference on Ethics in Health and the Environment’. The event will be held on New York University’s beautiful Washington Square campus, in the heart of Greenwich Village and will feature talks in a single day followed by an end-of-conference dinner at a local restaurant that night.

Various policy issues in environmental and health-related matters force policymakers to trade human lives against other values. We welcome original, unpublished papers from philosophers, economists and legal scholars that address whether and how this can be done in a morally acceptable manner. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: commensurability of human life and environmental values; compensation for harms to health; polling, public deliberation, and the appeal to expertise in evaluative matters; prioritizing the life and health of the young and the poorly-off; discounting future lives; saving identifiable lives vs. saving statistical lives; the precautionary principle; the human dignity objection to measuring the value of human life.

Please see the PDF available here for complete details and guidelines.

Submissions should not exceed 4000 words and must be prepared for blind review. Send the paper, a 150 word abstract and a separate document with your identifying information to Amanda Anjum at Submission deadline is November 1, 2010. Notification of acceptance will be sent by December 15.

Registration will open soon here, and will be free of charge. We are attempting to secure a discounted conference rate at a nearby hotel.

For further information, please contact Professor Benjamin Sachs at

Thanks to the NYU Humanities Initiative for its generous support of this conference.


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