Radio: the donor trail

BBC Radio 4, Monday 10 May to Friday 14 May, 10.45-11am, repeated at 7.45-8pm, each episode available on BBC iPlayer for one week after broadcast

From the Radio 4 website:

“By Richard Monks. Five monologues charting the journey of a donor heart.

Episode 1: Steven was left reeling when doctors told him he was suffering from a congenital heart condition, cardiomyopathy. But now, following a successful heart transplant, he is determined to make the most of life.

Episode 2: Clare’s in a high pressure job [as a recipient transplant co-ordinator], on call at all hours, she has limited time to get a heart from the donor to the recipient. Failure isn’t an option.

Episode 3: Heart surgeon Miranda’s encounter with Jean, the donor’s mother, brings about an unexpected change.

Episode 4: Terry’s job as a donor transplant co-ordinator is a difficult one; watching people’s grief can be tough particularly when Terry has painful memories of his own.

Episode 5: Jean’s painful decision to allow her fifteen year old son’s heart to be donated was one she never expected to have to make. Now she looks to the future that her son Saul has given to others.”

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