Workshop: Philosophy of psychiatry

University of Birmingham, 8th June 2010

The School of Philosophy Theology and Religion will host a workshop on recent developments in the philosophy of psychiatry. Issues to be discussed include the metaphysics of psychiatric disorders and psychiatric kinds; autonomy and mental illness; and the interplay between psychopathology and spirituality in phenomena such as ‘possession’ and religious delusions.

Helen Beebee (Birmingham): ‘Are psychiatric kinds real?’
Marion Godman (KCL):’The Swedish Apathetic Children: some epistemic and metaphysical issues in grounding psychiatric kinds.’
Rachel Cooper (Lancaster):’Is psychiatric classification a good thing?’
Jill Craigie (KCL): ‘Decision-making competence and practical rationality in anorexia nervosa.’
Peregrine Horden (Royal Holloway):’Religion and psychiatry: a medieval perspective.’
Paolo Mantovani (KCL):’On distinguishing delusions from religious beliefs.’

There is no registration fee, but if you want to attend you need to let Lisa Bortolotti know by 15th May as places are limited:


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