PhD Studentship: Community treatment orders under the Mental Health Act 2007

The School of Law at the University of Nottingham has been awarded an ESRC 1+3 CASE studentship, jointly with the Care Quality Commission, for a study into the use of community treatment orders under the Mental Health Act 2007. The study will involve both qualitative and quantitative methods, including interviewing of professionals and service users. A more detailed summary of the project is attached.

The scholarship will cover four years at the standard ESRC rate (including, for home students, full tuition and a living allowance of approximately £15,000 p.a.). The first year will be spent in the MA programme in Socio-Legal and Criminological Research. Upon successful completion, the student will progress to a doctoral programme supervised by Peter Bartlett (Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Professor of Mental Health Law) and Nell Munro for the School of Law, and Mat Kinton (Senior Policy Analyst, Mental Health) for the Care Quality Commission.

Initial inquiries may be directed as soon as possible to Peter Bartlett ( for academic matters, and Beverley Roberts ( for administrative and procedural matters relating to applications.

Short-listing will occur on or shortly after 30 May 2010. The studentship will be allocated by the end of June.

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