Conference: data sharing, confidentiality and genomics

International Data Sharing Conference 2010

20 – 22 September 2010

St Hugh’s College, Oxford

“Registration is now open for the International Data Sharing Conference 2010, which will bring together key figures from academia, research ethics committees and clinical practice to discuss how the increase in data storage and access are changing scientific practice, as well as raising a number of technological, legal, ethical and social challenges for people working in the field of genomics.

The conference will seek to address some of the challenges of data sharing
– such as: How should data-generators be rewarded for their efforts to the scientific community? Can we promise anonymity of research participants when whole sequences and phenotypic data are being used for research purposes? What is the best way to harmonise different datasets collected for different purposes? Should participants be fed back individual findings? Are our national research governance systems adequate to cope with global data sharing?

The conference will use a conversation format, using panels focussed on specific questions to generate insights into these issues. Our plenary sessions will focus on feedback, new technologies for data sharing, governance structures for research and safeguarding identifiability.
Speakers confirmed for our plenaries so far are: Ellen Wright Clayton, Jane Gitschier, Bartha Knoppers, Timothy Caulfield, and Brad Malin. In addition to the plenary panel sessions, there will be break out sessions.”

Applications for panels and individual applications to be part of a panel are currently open and will close on the 1st of April. There are also bursaries for people from developing countries and students that are funded by the Wellcome Trust. Registration is now open. For further details please do not hesitate to contact


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