Radio: The Report on continuous deep sedation

The Report,  BBC Radio 4, Thursday 18th February, 8-8.30pm, now available indefinitely via the iPlayer.

From the programme’s website: “Author Terry Pratchett has argued that assisted suicide should be legal in the UK – but there is already a medical technique widely used in the NHS which some campaigners claim is euthanasia by the backdoor. Called terminal sedation, it’s used to ease the pain and suffering of the very sick. But critics say it can hasten death. Linda Pressly investigates the extent of terminal sedation and examines if it is always in the interests of patients and their families.”

Professor Clive’s Seale’s research which he discusses in the programme was published as Seale C. (2009) End-of-life decisions in the UK involving medical practitioners. Palliative Medicine, 23, 3, 198-204 (Athens password required for full-text).


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