Seminar: Philosophy/Medical Humanities

25th November at 4.30pm

Royal Holloway’s central London home:
11 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3RA

Tim Thornton
Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health, University of Central Lancashire

“Clinical judgement and the medical humanities”

The medical humanities have grown in popularity at the same time that Evidence Based Medicine has established itself as the dominant ideology in medicine but also autonomy has become the key medical ethical value and person centred care (and ‘personalisation’) has become an important focus of policy. It is thus plausible to see the medical humanities as a complement to EBM, helping to balance the latter’s focus on the general with a focus on the particular or individual. Setting the medical humanities against the standard of EBM threatens, however, to undermine their epistemic status. In this presentation I will argue that this worry is best addressed head on through a philosophical examination of the nature and status of clinical judgement.

All are welcome. Event is free and unticketed.


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