Seminars: BIOS at LSE

All welcome, no ticket required.

Information about BIOS here. LSE campus maps here.

19 November 2009
Autonomy and responsibility in an era of neurological reflexivity
Matt Grist
Social Brain project director, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)
5:30-7pm, Room H201

Neuroscience challenges common sense conceptions of autonomy and responsibility. The automatic nature of much of the brain’s functioning, as well as its predisposing us to be unconsciously influenced by social norms, are amongst the facts that drive this challenge. I argue that although we must discard certain common sense conceptions of autonomy and responsibility, there are others available that fit the science. Moreover, adopting them has important implications for politics, policy and practice – implications that cut across both left and right wing approaches.

10 December 2009
Governing conduct in the age of the brain
Professor Nikolas Rose

Martin White Professor of Sociology; Director, BIOS Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science
5-7pm, Venue TBC

In this talk, using examples from the area of psychiatry and mental health, I explore one aspect of the hypothesis underlying my current research – that the emerging field of ‘the new brain sciences’ may be having as significant a social, political and personal impact in the 21st century as did the birth of psychological conceptions of personhood and their associated ways of thinking and acting in the 20th century.” I focus on the issue of personhood, asking whether, where, and to what extent, current developments in psychiatry support the argument that we have seen a ‘cerebralisation’ or ‘neurologisation’ of identity, personhood or selfhood.


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