Workshop: Moral Theory and Theorizing in Ethical Deliberation

8th/9th January 2010
Swansea, Village Hotel

This workshop is the first in a series of meetings that will scrutinize “The Role of Moral Theory in Health Care Ethics”, a project funded by a research network grant of the AHRC. It will focus on a) whether theory should play a role in health care ethics (the “normative question”); b) whether theory plays a role in health care ethics, e.g. in the debates within ethics committees (the “descriptive question”).

Confirmed Speakers:

Richard Ashcroft (London)
Does Moral Practice Need Moral Theory? The case of human rights

Charles Bosk (Philadelphia)
Is Professionalism in Conflict with Ethical Behaviour?

Alan Cribb (London)
How can you help? The challenge of prescribing theory

Tom Sorell (Birmingham)
Moral Theorizing and Blinkered Health Care Ethics

Torbjörn Tännsjö (Stockholm)
In Defence of Applied Ethics

Joan C. Tronto (Minneapolis)
Grounding Moral Responsibility: Some Caveats About Ethical Deliberation from a Feminist Ethics of Care Perspective

Raymond de Vries (Michigan)
The use and ab-use of moral theory in bioethics

This workshop should be of interest to a wide audience in diverse spheres e.g. ethics committee members, politicians, health care professionals, social workers, lawyers, as well as professional ethicists. It is open to all free of charge. However, we ask you to fill in a registration form and to make a firm commitment to attend, as places are limited.

For further information and to download the registration form please refer to the project website

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