Conference: Integrity in Health Care: Changing Roles and Relationships

Woodbrooke Conference Centre, Birmingham

17th – 18th September 2009

A unique opportunity for service users, professionals and academics to reflect together on integrity and changing roles and relations in health care

Keynote speakers

Professor Brian Hurwitz

Professor Alan Cribb

A different kind of conference…

This is a small (60 person), participative, interdisciplinary conference for users, professionals and academics. It will explore the changing nature of roles and relationships in the NHS and their implications, focussing on the implications of change for the integrity and identity of individuals, professions and organisations.

  • Does integrity mean anything in the contemporary NHS?
  • Is the nature of integrity, individual and corporate, changing?
  • How can integrity be exemplified and encouraged by policy makers, professionals and users?
  • What are the overt/covert forces affecting personal, moral and organisational integrity?
  • What expectations should professionals have of themselves, other professionals, their organisations and service users?
  • What might fostering integrity mean for organisational structures and processes?
  • Alongside plenary presentations, there will be structured, small group discussions around themes. Short contributions to the conference will be made by practitioners and users to ensure discussion is earthed in the everyday life of the NHS. A final plenary will draw together the issues discussed, with a panel of leaders from academic disciplines and health care professions.

    Registration details and further information about the speakers are available here.


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