Radio: Discovery on stem cells

“In Discovery on the BBC [World Service] for the next three weeks, Sue Broom examines the remarkable world of stem cells. Some of these special cells, found in the early embryo, make up all the cells in our developing bodies. Others, the adult stem cells, are found in our bone marrow, skin, liver and some other organs and these play more specialised roles in regenerating these tissues throughout our lives. As our understanding of the behaviour of these remarkable cells increases, the potential use for therapies for a whole host of diseases and disorders grow. In the future, it is hoped that diseases such as heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, sickle cell anaemia and type one diabetes as well as injuries like spinal cord damage, could be treated using stem cells.

In the first of a series of three programmes on stem cells, Sue looks back over the research, discoveries and breakthroughs that have brought us to a new chapter in our understanding about how these cells can be used in our bodies and in the laboratory to cure diseases.” Programme 1 is available to listen now.

Programme 2, on adult induced pluripotent stem cells, will be available to listen from Wednesday 10th June. Programme 3 will be available from Wednesday 17th June. (I’ll add the link when it’s posted on the BBC website.)


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