News: Woman loses assisted suicide case

“A woman with multiple sclerosis has lost her High Court case to clarify the law on assisted suicide.

Debbie Purdy, 45, from Bradford, is considering going to a Swiss clinic to end her life, but fears her husband may be charged on his return to the UK.

She wanted a guarantee that her husband, Omar Puente, would not be prosecuted.

There have so far been no prosecutions of relatives of 101 UK citizens who have gone to the Dignitas clinic.”

from BBC News. The full case can be read here: R (on the Application of Debbie Purdy) v DPP [2008] EWHC 2565. There is an interesting blog post about it here, from a criminological perspective. And John Coggon has written in depth about the issue of assisted suicide tourism here.

2 Responses to News: Woman loses assisted suicide case

  1. […] in travelling to Switzerland for assisted suicide, is in the Court of Appeal today challenging the High Court’s decision against her application for judicial […]

  2. […] at the Court of Appeal Debbie Purdy has lost her appeal against the decision of the High Court in her battle to ensure that her husband is not prosecuted if he takes her to Switzerland to obtain […]

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