TV: assisted suicide in Switzerland to be shown on Sky

“The controversy over a person’s right to die at a time and place of their own choosing has become focused on the Swiss organization Dignitas.

Dignitas, in Zurich Switzerland, is the only place where a person seeking an assisted suicide can legally be helped to die, no matter where they are from – or what their state of health.

For a year, Oscar-winning Canadian director John Zaritsky had exclusive access to Dignitas, and its clients. Through the intimate, compelling, and controversial stories of four lives and one death, Right to die? will take the audience on a journey they could only have imagined, and won’t forget.

See the UK premiere on Sky Real Lives and Sky Real Lives HD, Wednesday 10th December at 9pm”

You can see a clip from this programme here, and another one here. There is an article about the programme on the BBC News website here, including a clip of an interview with the film’s director from the Today programme.

Also on Thursday 11th December,10.30pm-12.00am on Sky Real Lives 2:

“Documentary following an investigation by a select committee of the Isle of Man’s parliament into letting residents determine the timing of their own death, launched after a campaign to allow assisted suicide by prostate cancer sufferer Patrick Kneen. The issue has divided the island, and looks set to continue to do so beyond the committee publishing their findings.”

The Patrick Kneen case was the subject of media scrutiny because of the involvement of Dr. Michael Irwin, who was interviewed on Panorama on 8th December 2008 (see earlier post here). The case was discussed by Claire Dyer in the BMJ in 2005.

Daniel Sokol, a medical ethicist at St George’s, has discussed the documentary in the BMJ.


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