TV: Dom’s On The Case Of The Drugs Lottery

From the BBC Press Office: “Andy Crabbe, who has cancer, reveals how he will need to sell his house to keep up the payments for his medication after his local Primary Care Trust turned down his application for the drug Sutent. Last year Andy’s local Trust only gave the drug to one out of the 13 people who requested it. Now Andy must pay £3,400 every six weeks for the drug, which slows down the growth of his kidney tumours. Sutent was even recommended for him by his oncologist, yet he has still been turned down for this treatment. Dom arranges for Andy to meet a campaigner to help him fight to get the drug for free, and the programme follows his extraordinary journey.

Dom also hears from Keith Wood from Wales, who proves the postcode lottery can be beaten. Like Andy, he requires Sutent and since he couldn’t get it from his local health authority he now has to live apart from his wife and stay with his daughter in neighbouring Cheshire, where he can receive the treatment for free on the NHS.”

You can watch this programme until 8:59am on Friday 3rd October via the BBC iPlayer here. Sutent is the subject of a current NICE appraisal process which has preliminarily ruled against NHS provision. See a Reuters article here, and the NICE website here.


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