Film: The English Surgeon

This film is being shown at free screenings at the Wellcome Trust – for details click here.

For a review, click here.

I am planning to go to the screening on Thursday 13 March at 8pm. If you would like to join me, please let me know by adding a comment so that I can reserve the right number of tickets.


3 Responses to Film: The English Surgeon

  1. Kat Young says:

    Hi Penney,

    Sounds very interesting – i emailed off for a ticket and then read your comment so I will be there but hopefully should get a ticket directly.

    See you soon,


  2. Yan Yan says:

    Hi Penney,

    I’d love to come along, please! Thank you!

    yan yan

  3. penneylewis says:

    Dear Yan Yan and Kat,

    Sorry for the slow response. I am still getting used to the blogosphere! I have ordered two tickets for Yan Yan and me and will order some more if we get any more interest.


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